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Your local team development and consultancy partner – helping clients achieve and manage their Balcony View and then navigating them onwards on their paths to growth.

The Balcony View concept has really helped us realise how our actions were actually holding us back in places. We now employ this approach in all our strategy and planning sessions.

Working with Active Growth has helped me realise that I was getting stuck at being able to move things to the next level. Their support and advice has been invaluable.

The way Active Growth worked with us to co-create our new approach to business intelligence and decision making has been a real eye opener to how things can be done.

How we work

At AGL we’re different. Our approach is to make sure that everyone has fun and ensure that we simply make our considerable, diverse yet relevant experience available to clients in ways that add value and to then create lasting relationships that see us become critical friends who are on hand to act as a private source of high value advice, challenge and guidance.

For us critical friends are compassionate, curious, courageous and creative. We’re supportive, acknowledging and empathising with the challenges our clients face in business, relationships and life. We bring our inherent curiosity to explore the root causes behind the situations we encounter and being impartial, aren’t limited by bias, convention or constraints.

This lets us create the necessary safe environments to explore, experiment and step outside comfort zones in order to co-create and try things that provide valuable impact, lessons and learning. Our courage also includes the honesty to talk truthfully and confront what may be uncomfortable or difficult to hear, but we always do this in a way that is constructive and focused on facilitating development and progress along our collective path to growth.

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