Paddleboarding, team building, coaching, resilience and well-being

Your friendly Paddleboarding school and adventurous activities centre, specialising in team building, group days and creation of fun learning and coaching environments.

AGL is a specialist team building activity venture that is also a coaching consultancy that collaborates with hard working clients who require support in navigating today’s challenges, who want to achieve something innovative and special and who are looking for a no-nonsense, compassionate provider who listens, doesn’t patronise but creates solutions and advice that is bespoke to you and not ‘off-the-shelf’ style quick fixes.

Our approach specialises in the application of lots of fun adventurous activities alongside organisational design, intelligence led decision making, operational delivery and human behaviours collectively combine to impact your ability to thrive and succeed and an enterprise and as individuals. This is what we call the Balcony View.

Armed with this new understanding, we help you create and implement solutions that deliver the necessary capabilities, structures, functions and processes that achieve your goals, drive performance and ultimately improve well-being as an engagement. At AGL we’re curious, embrace creativity, consult with courage and responsibility; we want to learn, not prescribe.

Our team

Jim is from Northern Ireland. He’s an adopter, active volunteer, sports coach / instructor, an MHFA and champion for inclusion and improving well-being and mental health. Before founding Active Growth Ltd Jim spent 34 years in the public sector, serving in high pressure operational national law enforcement roles before moving into strategic management and transformational capability building roles.

Jim is passionate about developing others and watching them take control of their careers, lives and wellbeing. As part of his authentic and adaptive leadership practice, Jim enjoys creating environments that enable others to thrive and become their ‘best selves’, which is reflected in the volunteering work Jim does with young people. Alongside this Jim strives to confront and address situations where:

1. Poor leadership creates unnecessary stress and disengagement within the workplace. This doesn’t mean that managers are bad people, it simply reflects that too often they have never been given the tools, knowledge or time to develop the effective leadership capabilities required;

2. Decision makers are unable to effectively exploit intelligence in a way that leads to better decision making. Again this is often environmental, as intelligence too often is treated as some sort of rarefied and misunderstood beast, instead of simply being the product of considering all relevant information against a set of situational questions and lens; and finally

3. The waste of public funds on hugely expensive consultancy contracts that only seem to create dependance on the consultants and creation of reams of ‘shelf-ware’ outputs that never translate into the tangible outcomes required.

One of the highlights of his law enforcement career was attending the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM) where he was introduced to the concept of the Balcony View as the means to understand our impact we have on our situations, decisions and environment.

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic then provided the opportunity to consider these within the context of remote working and the impact this was having on the well-being of those around him?

So when coming out of lockdown coincided with the opportunity to start a new path, and in 2022, led to the formation of Active Growth Ltd (AGL).

Terry is an archery coach who is focused on helping organisations make better decisions by improving their use of information to create intelligence to support better decision making at all levels of our lives.

Over the course of more than two decades working in the field of intelligence, both in government and industry, Terry has produced intelligence, managed intelligence teams, taught intelligence skills, and advised client organisations on how to build new intelligence units. He has worked with clients around the world, in small, medium, and large organisations, and observed how simple changes to working practices can often reap huge benefits. Nevertheless, every client is unique and requires a solution that works for them. Terry is fascinated by understanding the challenges faced by different organisations and helping them design systems and practices that enable them to make better decisions while also improving employee wellbeing.

Working with the team at Active Growth, Terry is discovering new approaches to improving intelligence by going beyond outdated, mechanistic, processes and applying systems thinking toimproving the structural dynamics of information flow within and across organisations. This ultimately supports improved sense-making and better decisions.

Katie is an archery instructor and coordinator with amazing interpersonal skills, who brings lots of enthusiasm gained from a career in the hospitality industry and volunteering in youth and environmental sectors around the world.

Carole is a specialist paddleboarding instructor who brings her unique experience as a teacher and interpreter to the team.  Carole has worked extensively in the emerging paddleboarding industry in London with considerable experience of working with corporate clients, team building and individuals.

The Balcony View concept has really helped us realise that we were spending a lot of our effort fire fighting and not taking the time to step back and consider how our actions were actually holding us back in places. We now employ this approach in all our strategy and planning sessions.

As the founder of my business I’m heavily invested in what I’ve built and so I'm very protective about how we do things, which was starting to create problems and stress. Working with Active Growth has helped me become less defensive to feedback and I also now realise that I was getting stuck at being able to move things to the next level. Their support and advice has been invaluable.

The way Active Growth worked with us to co-create our new approach to business intelligence and decision making has been a real eye opener to how things can be done. We’ve felt included at every stage and believe that we’ve now got systems and processes that are ours and not something built for someone else.