Active Growth Ltd are a new team building and design consultancy that brings together over 150 years of collective, relevant and diverse management experience from the public and private sector. The team are Jim Clements, Dr Harald Kreher, Bartek Czempic and Terry Pattar.

We provide a variety of bespoke activities that can be configured into fun packed challenge days that include mental individual or team tasks, adventurous activities or personal development coaching.

Ensuring that you and your staff are engaged and aligned to your North Star is the secret to performance, productivity, retention and wellbeing.  If your staff don’t believe in what they do they won’t give you the commitment you need to succeed.

We have a variety of fun programmes and activities designed specifically to ensure you teams function as required so contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Active Growth Ltd specifically look to support organisations, groups and individuals looking for fun ways to improve levels of engagement, cohesion and wellbeing.

We’re particularly keen to work alongside Start Up ventures and SMEs, who require support and guidance to navigate today’s turbulent business world. In doing so we support individuals and teams grow and create new and sustainable opportunities for their future success and viability.

MT is an external, significant personality trait that can be evaluated and developed.

The concept of MT is not new and goes back to the works of Plato on ‘Fortitude’ in 400BC and the Roman era ‘Stoics’.

This has developed significantly over the past 70 years through major research programmes into sports, individual and corporate psychology and central to the work of Jim Loehr, Robert Karasck, Kobasa and Dienstbier, who all built on and advanced the academic understanding of the topic.

Over the past 25 years this has been further developed by Professor Peter Clough, Keith Earl, John Perry and Doug Strycharczyk from AQR International and the development of of understanding into the four defining constraints and eight supporting factors of MT.

This work as evidenced that MT relates to attitude and is directly up to 25% variation in performance in individuals or teams in situations that range from sports, exams or other pressure situations. Therefore by properly understanding the factors behind out MT at any given time we can create interventions that provide direct access to this elusive and high value 25% increase in performance.

The MTQPlus psychometric assessment provides a snapshot at a particular time across 8 distinct factors. These are considered to be ‘plastic’ and change in response to our situations and environments, so unlike other character type psychometrics that paint a picture of your personality or motivations, the MTQPlus provides clear understanding of attitude in specific areas.

This enables the creation of targeted solutions and interventions that address particular specific areas, rather than provide a generic, ‘sheep-dip’ answer that doesn’t actually deliver lasting impact.

By working with us, we will assist you properly understand the results of the MTQPlus so that you properly know where you are, where you want to be and then how to access and deploy the means to get you there.

At the end of this the MTQPlus provides further evidence based reporting on your distance travelled in the MT factors, which cements the required improvements in attitudes and behaviours, identifies other potential areas of focus, but most importantly articulates the benefit achieved from working with us in terms of personal development, performance uplift and return on investment.

The Balcony View is a description of how we can better understand our environment, behaviours and responses to different situations. It provides strategic oversight of things we can miss when acting reactively. It also calls for accountability for our impact on the situations we find ourselves and create.

This is our reactive, day to day, stress filled environment, where we deal with what’s in front of us, now and often without consideration of the bigger picture.

At Active Growth Ltd, we are students and followers of predominantly the systems thinking work of Russell L Ackoff and others. We are curious, creative, courageous and compassionate communicators who believe in understanding not only the what, when and how we do things but also where and why we make the decisions we make. This involves consideration of the environments that we create and maintain rather than simply the processes we employ and candid reflection on the influence our behaviour has on the decisions we make and impact these have on others.

In this context, intelligence is relevant information that is available or can be sourced to provide insights and understanding on a particular issue or situation. This is an essential component of building our Balcony View. At Active Growth Ltd we specialise in helping you develop the capabilities to generate and exploit intelligence as a key component of how you make decisions.

Team Building is the process of working with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page, is operating under the same sense of purpose and values and committed to success of the team and venture. This will often require the deployment of both Coaching and Mentoring guidance and support.

Mentoring is the process where we support you by bringing our extensive experience and knowledge of operational, transformation and relationships management to your situation. In this situation we share our experience and assist you to learn and employ our knowledge and advice to your situation.

Coaching is fundamentally different, in that when operating in a Coaching capacity, our role is to assist you identify your options and solutions and then ensure you take the required steps to bring these to bear.

In each intervention we operate under agreed contracts which ensure that everything we do is in accordance with our respective values and Codes of Conduct. This ensures accountability and transparency that you, the client, is getting value for money from your investment.

We can work with you at your premises but prefer to bring you to our unique venue at Pinewood. This is a magical 6 acre mature woodland location where we deliver our group training and adventurous activities.

By working from Pinewood we achieve greater outcomes by stepping outside of our conventional corporate settings and reconnecting with nature. This significantly assists us focus on getting to the real areas that unlock your full potential without the distractions of the normal workspace.

In this context we do not mean energy to heat our homes or run our industries. What we mean here is that AGL recognise that each of us at any given time have a finite reserve of mental and physical energy available to us with which we live our lives, do our jobs and contribute to our families and communities.

We’ve learned that this fluctuates all the time and has a direct impact on our ability to make decisions and engage with others. We also know that for a wide variety of reasons many of us go through life behind a protective mask and struggle to accept our true authentic selves. This can be exhausting, as constantly maintaining this outward image requires levels of energy that could be used elsewhere.

By working with us, you will learn to better understand your personal thresholds, mental toughness and identify meaningful ways to improve the balance across different demands, so that you come to terms with your authentic self and how that impacts and improves your leadership practice, which in-turn directly improves your sense of personal confidence, your well-being and mental health.

Definitely not!

At AGL we believe in honest reflection and appraisal of our environment, behaviours and actions but view Coaching and Therapy as two very distinct and different practices.

To us, Therapy is provided by health care professionals and is retrospective in its view of understanding and dealing with past events. This is NOT what we do.

As Coaches, our practice is to use our skill and knowledge to help you develop your own plans and solutions to the situations you want to bring to the table. This will often involve candidly examining the role you actually play in the situation, but will then support you discover areas where areas can be addressed to make lasting and sustainable improvements to your leadership capability and relationships with yourself and others.

Apart from being a constant source of fun and learning, we know that when faced with significant challenges that we can all fall into the trap of believing our internal subconscious limiting beliefs. These are the things that we tell ourselves to keep everything safe and contained in our comfort zones.

By incorporating adventurous activities into our development plans, we show you that it is possible to achieve things that you may never have thought possible. We also show that there is no shame or stigma is having a go, getting it wrong and picking yourself up again and trying again, as to us that is the definition of resilience and continuous improvement.

We also know that many of our clients struggle with self confidence and can struggle with being their authentic selves in many situations. By working with us in the discreet and psychologically safe environment at Pinewood, you will develop and grow in an environment that is free from competitive peer pressure or public scrutiny. This allows you to progress at your pace towards your goals and milestones, being held to account and constructively challenged in a way that is supportive and which leads to long term, sustainable results.

No, each plan is bespoke and tailored to your needs, be they individual, team or larger group.

At the heart of all our plans is our passion for addressing things holistically, where we consider the technical, tactical, physical and psychological factors at play in your situation and then work with you to achieve the improvements and outcomes in the areas that make the lasting changes, not just the quick fixes. We also employ scientifically based psychometrics that provide measurable assessments of your levels of mental toughness at any given time. These assist us to focus on the areas needing greatest attention and then generate ‘Distance Travelled’ reports that show the impact and value of any interventions introduced.

This means that pricing is also bespoke, as until we have an initial discussion and assessment of compatibility it is impossible to say what will be required in terms of effort and time.

The Team Work Orientation Index (TWOI) tool has been developed to help us understand how our teams function and are aligned to our goals and each other.

The TWOI is an automated online assessment that captures and analyses responses to five distinct areas that impact team effectiveness.  These are:

  1. Common goals and objectives
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Working together
  4. Recognising success and
  5. Effective communication