Navigating you on your path to growth

Achieve and manage the Balcony View in business, relationships and life.

At Active Growth Ltd, in addition to lots of fun outdoor adventurous activities and team building events, we provide unique, bespoke expertise and services that make us different to other consultancies.

We offer:

Whether you’re: looking to improve staff cohesion, engagement and alignment to your North Star; looking for novel ways to support staff who are remote or hybrid working; or simply looking for ways to get groups of people together for fun filled activities we’ve got what you need.

We offer a variety of fun adventurous activities that are designed to let everyone try new fun things, learn more about themselves and their colleagues and create lasting bonds.

Our team / group days are bespoke to your requirements and incorporate combinations of team challenges, archery, air rifle, tomahawk, bushcraft, pioneering, paddle boarding, kayaking and raft building, all delivered at our exclusive, purpose built woodland venue that’s inside the M25 in the SE London, Croydon and Bromley borders.

As critical friends we support you to implement the opportunities identified during the holistic diagnosis. We there to guide and advise, not replace or dictate as our role is to help you create the capabilities required to achieve your goals and aspirations.

In this we collaborate with you to perform a thorough synthesis of your behaviours, strategies and ways of working. This enables us to co-create bespoke solutions to the opportunities we find in a way that ensures ownership, sustainability and return on investment.

In addition to our critical friend service, we offer dedicated coaching and mentoring support, guidance and where appropriate, training in the following: strategic leadership, organisational design, systems thinking, intelligence development and exploitation, decision making, personal development and well-being.

We also provide bespoke, fun team building activities through our subsidiary enterprise Palace Paddlers that are designed to build confidence and capability through the use of adventurous actives to stretch comfort zones and improve wellbeing, team cohesion and engagement

Our approach

Why do you need our services?

There are a multitude of reasons why individuals and organisations enrol consultants or advisors. Some reasons are better than others. As are the providers of the advice and services.

In our experience the most common reasons for asking for outside help are:

  • to gain intelligence or experience you lack;
  • obtaining a more objective picture and opinion;
  • to learn from what has worked well elsewhere.
  • And there are, more often found in corporate settings and regularly veiled as relating to motivation, other reasons such as: access to additional brains and hands because of shortages and gaps on the client side;
  • outside credibility having greater currency to internal input;
  • confirmation / validation of own plans, biases and actions;
  • or preparing an alibi and scapegoat for failure.

What makes us different?

At AGL we are here to help you learn what is relevant and impactful for your success. We consult and advise but not as you probably have grown to associate such professionals. We are about holistic inquiry, exploration of possibilities, and acting to design your future-proof.

It is in the HOW and WHY that we differ from what is (sadly) all too common.

We are a learning organisation

We believe that in the messy VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) no problem will remain solved in such a dynamic environment. Therefore, we focus on building learning capacity beyond short-term fixes.

We acknowledge that all business is people business and that people want to be involved in meaningful activities and that they are more able to be engaged and creative when there is a purpose that has value to them. Therefore, we refer to the concept of a Purposeful Human Activity System (PHAS), where the interactions of its members and stakeholders are the producers of such systems.

What makes us different to the rest?

At Active Growth Ltd, we’re structured around solid foundations built of academic rigour and real world experience, but alongside that we put people first and recognise the need to create supportive yet challenging environments that help others grow through stretching comfort zones, adopting multi-perspective views on issues and developing solutions that improve both performance and wellbeing.

The Balcony View concept has really helped us realise that we were spending a lot of our effort fire fighting and not taking the time to step back and consider how our actions were actually holding us back in places. We now employ this approach in all our strategy and planning sessions.

As the founder of my business I’m heavily invested in what I’ve built and so I'm very protective about how we do things, which was starting to create problems and stress. Working with Active Growth has helped me become less defensive to feedback and I also now realise that I was getting stuck at being able to move things to the next level. Their support and advice has been invaluable.

The way Active Growth worked with us to co-create our new approach to business intelligence and decision making has been a real eye opener to how things can be done. We’ve felt included at every stage and believe that we’ve now got systems and processes that are ours and not something built for someone else.